The Most Unique Cremation Memorials

One of the most difficult times in our lives is coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. We always seek ways to hold onto the closeness after they are gone. Sadly, it's all too common to lack closure after the memorial or funeral events have concluded.

Everyone navigates grief differently, but the process is essential. As you move through your healing journey, you will want to find ways to hold close the memories of all you experienced with your loved one, whether human or pet.

One way to hold onto the memories of your loved one is to have an artful ash spirit piece created.  Memorials with ash, also known as Cremation memorials or remembrance Art is one way to celebrate their life in the most beautiful unique way. It can be as simple as cremation jewelry, like a teardrop or heart, or a more elaborate display like our popular Cremation Wave. We can also create a completely customized cremation memorial or cremation jewelry to suit your personalized style.

Unique cremation memorials come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose one of our designs OR a custom-designed piece, that will truly be one of a kind. These pieces hold deep meaning, so taking your time and allowing us to help you design the perfect memorial is very important. If you don't want Jewelry, consider a different type of cremation keepsake. We offer many options, from small displays, sun catchers, and paperweights to grand displays. We can guide you through choosing the perfect memorial to fit your needs and budget.

 TyDrops offers cremation jewelry and memorial art with ashes starting at $75 and can customize any ash memorial. These are unique cremation urns to hold a small amount of ash.

Below is just a small sampling of the stunning cremation art you can have made to help you navigate through grief.

Cremation art Ocean wave memorials with ash



Cremation Jewelry Teardrop ash jewelry

cremation Jewelry ring jewelry with ash


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