What is the best sympathy gift to give someone who has lost a loved one?

If someone close to you has lost a loved one, it is sometimes difficult to know how best to console them and help them navigate the grieving process. 

It is normal and natural for us to want to give a sympathy gift to comfort them. Flowers are usual. Nice but is that really something that is going to bring comfort over the lengthy grieving process? Let's be honest, no! It's the simplest and easiest gesture but not a gift that will help them during the upcoming waves of grief.

Consider giving a memorial gift or a gift certificate for them to choose the perfect memorial. This offers them the opportunity to choose a unique cremation memorial to keep the memories of their loved one close. A keepsake like no other.

Grief will always move in stages, sometimes going back and forth through each stage. Never put a timeline on someone's grief. Every individual will grieve differently. It's important that you support them and let them determine their pace.

It is a good idea to encourage them to seek grief counseling or join a grief group. Often times the support they need is through the eyes of an outsider who understands what they are experiencing. Oftentimes, if it is someone close to us, we push too hard to try to move them through the stages of grief because WE don't want to see them hurting. This can cause tension in your relationship with them even though you are trying to be helpful.

The solace they get from memories and their close friends and family being supportive is essential. Let them reminisce, and offer your own memories that will give them something to smile about at that moment. These brief moments of joy will surely help get them through the tougher moments. That is why giving a condolence gift that will keep reminding them of the happy memories can be the most important comfort you can offer.


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Celia G

This is so true! Everyone grieves differently.

I have a memorial piece with ash and as I move backwards and forwards through those stages of grief, my necklace gives me much comfort and a feeling of closeness to my departed.

I can’t thank Tydrops enough for the peace they’ve brought me.

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