Company Overview:

Tydrops Forever Memories was created in memory of our beloved cat, Tyrone. He was not just another stray….. He was a miracle cat and became the love of our lives, and the love of his many followers. With obstacle after obstacle to overcome, he soon became the reason why many people decided to never give up on their own issues in life.


Tydrops Forever Memories will create beautiful custom glass pieces and jewelry. We will also custom make one’s favorite pieces which will include a part of their beloved remains infused forever in their glass creation.



Tyrone met obstacle after obstacle, with a strong desire to live and love. He soon became an inspiration for many to never give up when faced with their own challenges in life. We started receiving story after story of how Ty’s survival and will to live strong enabled them to go on, when they were starting to give up.


We are offering beautiful custom made pieces for individuals who want to inter their beloved into glass forever, or perhaps create a piece that will be a reminder of their loved ones without the inclusion of ash.

We donate a portion of every purchase to Tyrone's Non profit, All Souls Connected:

All Souls Connected is a non-profit organization located in Barto Pa. All SoulConnected was created in 2013 in honor of a rescued stray with a terrible injury to his eye named. 

In August of 2013 a little blond ginger cat decided to enter our lives and change them forever! He is the inspiration for the non profit All Souls Connected.

It's hard to describe just how amazing this little cat's journey has been so I suggest you read it for yourself. Please be fore warned there are some graphic photos in the article but without out them you could never imagine the miracle that is Tyrone! A portion of all proceeds generated on this site are donated to the Non profit inspired by Tyrone, All Souls Connected.

Now, please click here to read Tyrone's Journey! 

The Mission of All Souls Connected  is to reduce the stray cat population through TNR and to provide hospice care for ill or injured cats–as space permits–at All Souls Connected and to provide community outreach to educate about crucial issues pertaining to Animals, Earth and Sky.

A portion of the proceeds from everysale goes towards helping us achieve our mission.