Company Overview:


TyDrops Forever Memories was created in memory of Tyrone. He was not just another stray….. He was a miracle. With obstacle after obstacle to overcome, he soon became the reason why many people decided to never give up according to the notes and letters we received.

Tyrone was a very special rescue that inspired many people with his perseverance and "his" comical outlook on life even in the face of two types of cancer. He also inspired us, to start a 501c non profit, All Souls connected where we have been able to save many animals.

When Ty passed away in October 2015, we knew we wanted to create a very special memorial with some of his ashes. Knowing the heartbreak of losing someone so special, we felt that many people would want a memorial for their loved ones as well and we decided to start TyDrops Forever Memories. When we decided to do this we knew absolutely NOTHING about glass ....we had never even cut a piece of glass or seen how these pieces were made...but we were determined. Exactly one month after Tyrone's passing, we drove to a glass warehouse and told them we needed to purchase everything to set up an art glass studio. We also said that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing....their looks were priceless.

There was an experienced glass artisan there and she overheard our conversation. She gave us some pointers and her card. Later she told us she went home that night and told her husband, today I met CRAZY! She was floored that we were setting up a glass studio and had no idea just how delicate the art of glass making was and on top of it wanted to add ash to the glass, making the task even more unstable and unpredictable ...yes, crazy is what we were. And so began our journey of teaching ourselves the art of glass fusing. We have indeed accomplished what we were determined to do...start a business offering comfort and peace to those mourning the loss of a loved one, pet or human.

We donate a portion of every purchase to Tyrone's Non profit, All Souls Connected