Policies and Important things to remember

We can create your custom piece with Human or animal ashes

If you ever have a question or concern email us tydrops@gmail.com or call 610-507-6673

We will ship you an ash collection kit with instructions. We only need a small amount of ash. Two spoonfuls(spoon included in kit)

Studio Schedule: Please note that many of the art pieces need multiple firings in the kiln(each firing averages 12 hours) and design additions as the process progresses. Please allow 4-6 weeks to complete your piece. Your piece may be completed before that time but we cannot guarantee.

An important part of the process of designing a piece that truly means something to you is us being able to feel connected to you and your loved one. We ask that you send a picture and any memories you would like to tell us about them. We sincerely take each piece to heart and literally talk to the soul we are working with...I know, that may seem goofy BUT it really helps us to feel a connection to you and them.

 *NOTICE*   No two items will ever look the same. Each one is made by hand and will have its own unique look. We are creating our version of your idea, so please be as specific as possible if there is absolutely something you want in your piece. We reserve creative license to interpret your idea. Some colors are reactive with other colors, changing the end result. Dichroic glass colors cannot always be replicated, and each hand cut item could have a different size or shape to it. Colors can move in the fire and Ashes cannot be controlled. We always do our best to make everything the same, or make as requested but cannot control this outcome.

NO EXPIRATION on any order.. We understand it can take some time to collect the ashes. We will honor your order no matter how long after purchase.

REFUNDS.- By making payment for custom work you are consenting for us to infuse your ash into glass . This process can NOT be reversed. Please note that one of the most interesting parts of this process, is that your loved ones' ash will "decide" what to do in the piece. In EVERY piece the ash reacts differently, making it that much more special and unique.  Sometimes the ash actually surfaces and can be felt. This cannot always be controlled.  

PLEASE NOTE If you do not send us the ashes we can not complete the work. Cancellations will be charged for time spent on emails, designs, and custom order supplies before any partial refund will happen. It is the customer's responsibility to provide us with the ashes to make their piece. 

Jewelry items have components bonded with a high quality glass metal epoxy and should not be worn in tub, pool, salt water, hot tub, shower, bed, or when using nail polish remover.  Buyer wears any of our jewelry items or keychains at their own risk. 

:::::::::::::::::::You Must Plan on KEEPING SOME ASHES:::::::::::::: *If you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes, please reserve one teaspoon of ashes aside in a safe place. Some reasons to keep some ashes just in case: - Lost in the mail: the artist does not receive the ashes or you do not receive the art - You want to order more art - art drops and breaks.

All ashes must be shipped by USPS Priority Express mail at PURCHASER'S expense. The approximate cost is $25. This is a law, we have no control over this aspect. 

Most importantly: WE want to thank you for entrusting us to make your memorial piece

~Maria & Beth